Don't Set Limits, Make Them

Dollhousee Supremency Faux-Mink MiCARE

Assure your moneys worth and maximum amount of wears.
  • Don't rip new eyelashes off the tray. Gently peel the corner of the strip with your tweezers.
  • Strips might be longer than your eyelid, you can customize to your strips to fit by cutting the corners. Prior to applying them. 
  • Use adhesive of choice, to apply your lashes. Make-up remover or warm water on a q-tip, rub the band until softens and then gently peel them off.
  • Avoid lost of curl, shape of the lash by not getting them soaked.
  • Keep the band of the lashes clean to avoid improper placement of the strip.
When strips are removed massage LashBrow Growth serum on your eyelashes, to assure your natural lashes are kept long, shiny, strong & healthy.

    Eyelash Extension - LashNap MiCARE

    Save a little time before your refill.

    • Brush them daily, daily light lash shedding is normal.
    • Do not apply mascara. It's recommended the correct volume to achieve different looks.
    • Keep your makeup from building along the eyelash rim.
    • Do not soak your eyelashes. If you want them to last!
    • Refills require at least 30% of mink lashes.
    Request a Lash Treatment before getting a completely new set.  It will keep your natural lashes healthy, strong, shiny and growing!